Secondary and Tertiary Education (Grades 9-12; College)

Similar to the mission statement of TILCA, the peer-reviewed teaching modules initiative of TILCA seeks to:

1. Promote innovative teaching modules that are based on class experience and in findings rooted in Second Language Acquisition;

2. Create a dialogue about effective approaches and materials;

3. Share materials that have been approved by our editorial committee;

4. Recognize the dynamic nature of our field and to stay current with reference to (tech) innovations.

2022 Publications:

Trebaiocchi, Chiara: “L’evoluzione dell’italiano medio: tra stereotipi, satira e realtà”

2021 Publications:

Buffa, Samanta. Il futuro, “A modo tuo

2019 Publications:

Cellinese, Anna. Practicing Oral and Writing Skills Through Advertisements.

2018 Publications:

Queen, Cylia Passato Prossimo Practice; the objective of this lesson is for students to practice the passato prossimo, starting from the initial input stage to the final output phase.

2017 Publications:

Fabbian, Chiara La cucina borghese nell’Ottocento: La scienza in cucina e l’arte di mangiare bene.


Bartalesi-Graf, Daniela Trova in questa classe le persone che …

Zamboni, Camilla “Unagiornata Particolare” Di Ettore Scola (1977)