2022 Special Issue, forthcoming: Teaching Italian with Movies, TV Shows and Pedagogy Videos (submissions due by 6/30/22)

Immediate Past Issue, 2021

Tips and Tools for Teaching a World Language to Visually Impaired Students

Ferrante Perrone, Lisa and Ferrara, Giuliana C. SURVEY SAYS: College
Student’s Perception of Community in the Online Italian Classroom

2021 Peer-reviewed Teaching Modules

Past Issue, 2020, “Teaching During Covid.”

Bjekovic, Nina and Tumolo, Joseph  ITALIAN IN THE DIGITAL SPHERE
Online Teaching During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Conoscenti, Rosalia Incoraggiare la partecipazione
dell’apprendente la scommessa (vincente) della didattica digitale

D’Elia-Zunino, Renée The Decameron’s Lessons, and My 100 Days
of Seeking Ways to Alleviate the Pain of COVID-19 in My Italian Classes

Eibenstein-Alvisi, Irene Blogging Italy

Forlino, Marino Culture-Based and Community-Engaged
Courses From languages and cultures in the community to communities
of language and culture learners

Picicci, Chris Going from Face-to-Face to Online Teaching
during the COVID-19 Pandemic Designing Curriculum in the Digital Age

Porcarelli, Angela Challenging Social Distancing with Online Teaching

Vegna, Veronica Teaching in the Time of COVID-19
Reflections on Teaching Italian Film during the Pandemic

Bartalesi-Graf, Daniela et al Creating a Global Online Learning Community
The Case of a Language MOOC During the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic

Past Issues